Welcome to CYNET-CSIRT

CYNET-CSIRT provides incident response and cybersecurity services to both the CYNET and to all Universities, Research institutes and other organisations under its umbrella.


Are you under attack or have you been under attack? You may report an incident using the Online Reporting Form or call us at 1490.


CYNET-CSIRT envisions to provide incident response and security services to all Academic Institutions, Research Institutes and educational networks that are members of the Cyprus Research & Academic Network (CYNET), both current and future.

CYNET-CSIRT aims to educate its members about the effects of cyber threats and cyber-crime, and train them to provide early warnings, alerts, announcements and efficient use of the respective tools.


What we do

CYNET-CSIRT develops and offers to their constituents, services, tools and support surrounding the prevention, management and coordination of potential cybersecurity-related emergencies.

Malware Classification

A developed tool for labeling and categorizing an unidentified binary file under a particular class or family of other, previously identified malicious binary files. Such tools are usually operated by domain experts through and involve static and dynamic analysis of a given software.

Vulnerability Analysis

A developed tool for identifying and classifying potential vulnerabilities in several components in a network such as servers, applications, routers, and firewalls. The tool focuses on particular known vulnerabilities with an assigned CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

Real-time Analysis

A developed system that monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and issues alerts when such activity is discovered. The system passively records network traffic on the entire subnet for identifying particular patterns that are related with documented attacks. Once an attack is identified or abnormal behavior is observed, the alert is sent to the administrator.


As part of its mission, CYNET-CSIRT promises to inform you of all the latest vulnerabilities and security bulletins.

CYNET-CSIRT is funded by Connecting Europe Facility

CYNET-CSIRT establishment was made possible via EU funding. The project begun on September 2018 and it is foreseen to conclude on August 2020.

Total Budget
1 mo